Ordering & Returns Policy

In most places throughout the Wholesale IT website, prices are displayed with both the GST inclusive, and GST exclusive amounts. Any prices that are not specifically stated are exclusive of GST. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are subject to change without notice.

Prices can be updated multiple times daily and as such there is generally no need to confirm this by contacting us. Different pricing may be available for large quantity purchases, so please contact us if you have such an enquiry.

To gain access to wholesale pricing you must be an authorised reseller. Creating an account on our website will only give you access to purchase at the listed retail price.

Any ordered items are to remain in title and the property of Wholesale IT until such time that they have been paid for in their entirety. Title and ownership of products will only be transferred to you once all outstanding monies owed to us by you have been paid in full.

The stock counts that are displayed on this website are generally accurate and up-to-date as these figures are updated multiple times daily along with pricing. Once again, this means there is usually no need to contact us to confirm that there is sufficient stock for an order. However, it is advisable to contact us if the stock count is showing low quantities or if you are looking to purchase a rather large quantity.

Should a product that you wish to purchase be displaying no stock and/or an estimated date of arrival, it will be placed on backorder for you once an order has been placed, and it will be delivered once it arrives to one of our warehouses. When possible, an estimated date of arrival will be displayed within your account. If this is not the case, please contact us if you require an estimation of the delivery date. Please note that if we are not provided an estimated date ourselves then we cannot pass this onto you. If waiting for a backorder is not suitable, please contact us as soon as you come to this decision and we will cancel the order and refund/credit your account.

Order Acceptance
All orders placed with us via any method are subject to our acceptance. We reserve the right to decline (i.e. not accept) any order placed with us. Automatic confirmation of successful order placement and/or receipt and/or processing a payment for the order does not constitute acceptance of the order by us. If we decline your order after a payment for the order has been received/processed, we will contact you with the details and refund the payment in full.

Order Tracking
We send automated emails upon your order status changing to your registered email address to notify you of such changes, and any further relevant information. This same information is also available in your account on our website by viewing each separate order. Please check these statuses regularly and contact us if any issues arise.

Order Cancellations
Orders may be cancelled up to the point in time at which you receive and sign for the goods. If there are any costs that are incurred by Wholesale IT as a direct or indirect result of the cancellation, these costs will be passed on to, and payable by, you. All order cancellations must be in writing (i.e. email) however if it is an urgent cancellation you may contact us via phone after sending the email to ensure that it is done straight away.

The following fees may apply as a result of the cancellation if it is your choice to cancel the order (e.g. change of mind):

  • Credit card handling fees – These charges will not be refunded.
  • Freight fees - These charges will be refunded in all instances except where the order has already left the warehouse with a courier service.
  • Restocking fees – Depending on circumstances that are assessed at the time when required, a restocking fee may be charged (usually 15-20%). You will be notified if this applies (in a large number of cases the restocking fee is not charged), and of the amount at the time of cancellation.

Payment Methods
Unless you have been expressly granted a credit account by us, all orders must be paid in full before any order will be processed and goods dispatched. You are more than welcome to pre-pay any amount you wish, and subsequent orders will be subtracted from your balance, to avoid having to pay separately for each order.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Credit or Debit Card - Instant (1.5% handling fee applies to order)
  • PayPal - Instant (1.5% handling fee applies to order)
  • Bank Transfer - 1 day clearance, dependant on bank
  • Bank Deposit at Bank Branch - Instant

Our bank details for the bank options are:
Bank: NAB
Name: Wholesale IT Solutions Pty Ltd
BSB: 082-201
Account Number: 19 670 8755

Please take note that unfortunately we have no control over how long transfers may take to process, and we take no responsibility for any delays caused by third-party financial institutions.

Unless you have a specialised freight agreement with us, freight charges will apply to all orders and are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the parcel(s) as well as the delivery location.

Door-to-door courier services are used, and as such all deliveries must be to attended physical addresses. All deliveries must be signed for so please ensure that somebody is available to receive the delivery during business hours.

Should nobody be available to accept delivery, a contact card for the courier service will usually be left and you’ll have 24-48 hours to contact them to have delivery made. If the delivery is not successfully made after such a time, the package will be returned to us. If you wish to have it re-sent after this has occurred, you will be required to pay a second shipping charge.

Delivery Times
We can provide shipping insurance for your order to insure your goods against transit damage. This is entirely optional and costs an additional 2% on top of your order. This can be selected throughout the checkout process.

Acceptance of Delivery – As mentioned in the Shipping section, all deliveries must be received with the signature of the recipient. It is your responsibility to check the consignment for any signs of damage and completeness before signing the Proof of Delivery (POD) document. Only once the consignment has been confirmed as complete and in good condition should you sign this document, as this is your agreement that it has been delivered as such.

If any items are damaged when they arrive, you may either reject the delivery without signing the POD or you must ensure that the exact damage details are recorded on the POD including such details as carton numbers on packages, time, date, your name, and signature.

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the voidance of any insurance you may have against loss or transit damage.

Refunds and Returns

Statutory Rights
No portion of this policy is in any way intended to limit any rights or remedies that customers may have under any legislation.

We usually will not offer refunds or exchanges for incorrectly selected goods, change of mind, or incompatibility with either hardware or software. We cannot accept any responsibility for such incorrect choices and you are ultimately responsible for the selection of goods to purchase. Any advice, or perceived advice, given by us should be taken as a guide only, and not be relied upon to make any purchasing decisions. It is recommended that you contact the product manufacturer to confirm compatibility with other items.

Product Return Procedure
For all product returns, you must visit the My Account section of the website and find the My Returns/Warranty Claims section. From here you will need to initiate a return/warranty claim. Within the claim you will need to fill out the details of the return, which includes selecting the item from the list of products you have purchased and provide any and all information possible, including serial numbers if applicable. Please note that any omissions or incomplete information on RA applications may result in delays.

Once the claim has been lodged and where appropriate, we will issue you with an RA number, along with instructions as to how to proceed with the return (usually in the form of where to send the goods). The main points to take note of are:

  • This RA number is valid for seven (7) days from the date of issue
  • No exceptions or extensions will be made to this period
  • The goods must be received by the service center within this timeframe
  • RA number must be clearly displayed on the package to be returned
  • This number only authorises a return of the product, it does not guarantee either credit or replacement
  • Goods returned without an RA number, or improperly packaged will be rejected, and sent back at your expense

Once received, one of the following will occur, depending on the reason for return:

Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) Returns
DOA items are faulty products that have failed in the early life of usage or straight out of the box.

The item(s) will be tested for the declared faults and if confirmed faulty by the service center, the item(s) will either be replaced, or you will receive a full refund, depending on your choice.

Note: To ensure smooth handling and the quickest possible turn-around time on your DOA claim, please ensure that the return claim is initiated within seven (7) days of receiving the delivery.

Warranty Returns
Warranty items are faulty products that have failed within the warranty period (differs between different products).

The item(s) will be tested for the declared faults and if confirmed faulty by the service center, the item(s) may be repaired/replaced, or a refund provided at our sole discretion.

Note: Some manufacturers require their items be sent directly back to them instead of to us. If this is the case, you will be notified of this at the time instructions are provided for the return.

Non-Faulty Returns

  • Return lodged as faulty item(s) - The items(s) will be tested for the declared faults and if no faults can be found, or if there appears to be damage caused intentionally or by way of misuse, a $45 service fee may be charged and the non-faulty item(s) will be sent back at your expense. This service fee (and the associated delivery fee with returning the item(s) back to you) must be paid before the item(s) will be shipped back. If we have not received such payment within thirty (30) days, we reserve the right to sell the item(s) to recover the owed moneys, and refund any positive difference back to you.
  • Return lodged knowingly not faulty (e.g. incorrect product choice) - If, at our sole discretion, we choose to accept a return for non-faulty goods, a restocking fee may be applicable which you will be liable for along with any other charges such as credit card handling fee and freight cost.

Most products are sold with a 12 month return-to-base or manufacturer warranty, however some products may have the option to purchase extended warranties. We may be able to provide this information however it is suggested to contact the manufacturer of that specific product to find out if this is the case.

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