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Seasonic SSP-300SFB 300W SFX Power Supply 80 PLUS BRONZE[PSUSEA300SFB]

OVERVIEW This industrial power supply is SFX 12 V v.2.31 compliant and offers important protection features for safe operations. With its 80 PLUS Gold rating, it can achieve up to 85 % efficiency at 115 V AC at 50 % load. This is the ideal solution...

Seasonic Power Supply Accessories - Seasonic 12VHPWR Cable  | Wholesale IT Computer Hadware
Seasonic 12VHPWR Cable [ACBSEA12VHPWR-1]

Please only use with SEASONIC PSU below model, do not use for any other brand and lower model of Seasonic: Prime GX-1000/ 1300, PX-1000/ 1300, TX-1000; Focus GX-1000 A SINGLE CONNECTOR TO POWER THEM ALL With the arrival of the new ATX 3.0 / PCIe 5.0...

1 to 2 (of 2 products)
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