Samsung 2GB 2RX8 PC3-8500S DDR3-1066 1066MHz 2404pin SODIMM Notebook Laptop Memory [M471B2873EH1-CF8]

Samsung 2GB 2RX8 PC3-8500S DDR3-1066 1066MHz 2404pin SODIMM Notebook Laptop Memory Product image for reference only
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Samsung M471B2873EH1-CF8 Description:

Samsung 2GB 2RX8 PC3-8500S DDR3-1066 1066MHz 2404pin SODIMM Notebook Laptop Memory

Samsung M471B2873EH1-CF8 memory module 1 GB 1 x 1 GB DDR3 1066 MHz

This 1GB (1x 1GB) DDR3 1066 MT/s Single rank, x8 configuration RAM module from Samsung is for use in DDR3 compatible systems and operates at 1066 MT/s with an overall transfer rate of PC3-8500.

DRAM is extensively used as the main memory in virtually all computing devices, such as desktop and notebook computers. It is a type of RAM, and is the most widely used semiconductor memory used in current generation computers, offering multiple advantages, such as structural simplicity, very high packing densities (number of bytes that can be stored per unit of chip area), low power consumption, and sufficiently high data read/write speeds. Several types of DRAM are presently available for deployment on notebook computers. With rapid developments in semiconductor memory technology, DRAM has demonstrated significant performance enhancements, resulting in a considerable overall performance improvement for the computing segment.

Because of their small sizes, notebook computers require components with the smallest form factors. Specific memory types have thus been developed to fulfill this need. DRAM for notebook computers is available in the form of a SODIMM, which has the smallest footprint and occupies a minimum of board space, yet delivers the same levels of performance as regular a DIMM used in standard desktop computers. DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory are available as SODIMM DRAM, and provide different physical designs and pin layouts for ease in visual identification. SODIMM DRAM is available in both buffered and unbuffered versions, and thus can be deployed in notebooks for home/office use as well as server-class machines. SODIMM DRAM also consumes much lower power. The latest generation DDR3 SODIMM operates at significantly low voltages, and is thus used on almost all mobile and battery-powered devices, such as notebook computers and portable media players.


Technical Specs
Manufacturer Part # M471B2873EH1-CF8
Manufacturer Samsung
Signal processing Unbuffered
CAS latency 7
Memory 1 GB
Memory layout 1 x 1 GB
Memory type DDR3
Memory speed 1066 MHz
Error correction Non-ECC
Compatibility Notebooks
Memory form factor 204-pin SODIMM
Ranking Single rank
Voltage 1.5 V
Configuration 128M x 64
Operating temperature 0 - 85 °C


Samsung M471B2873EH1-CF8 Specifications:


Product Type Server RAM Memory
Capacity 16GB
Memory Type DDR3
Rank 2Rx4
Speed 1600
Voltage 1.35V
Height STD
Qty 1
Module Name PC3L-12800R
Made By Samsung
Form Factor DIMM
Width x72
Pins 240-pin
Depth 2G
Chip Size 4GB
Banks 8 Banks, SSTl (1.5V)
Organisation x4
Package FBGA (Halogen-free & Lead-free, Flip Chip)
Temperature Commercial Temp.(0°C ~ 85°C)
Frequency 800
CL 11
TRP 11
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