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Generic VoIP Phones - ROOM 55 Non Radio with Touch10 and Mount | Wholesale IT Computer Hadware
ROOM 55 Non Radio with Touch10 and Mount[CS-ROOM55-NR-K9]


CPAK Optical Transceiver Module[CPAK-100G-SR4=]

CPAK optical Transceiver Module 100GBASE-SR4, 100m OM4

Wall Mount kit accessory for[WALLMOUNT-IE2K-16]

Wall Mount kit accessory for IE2000 16 ports switch

Generic VoIP Phones - SNOM M65 Professional DECT Handset Wideband HD Audio Quality Corded (LS) Advanced Voice | Wholesale IT Computer Hadware
SNOM M65 Professional DECT Handset, Wideband HD Audio Quality Corded (LS), Advanced Voice Quality, 6 Polyphonic Ringtones[00003969]

Combining versatile business communication functionality with the intuitive features of the mobile carrier world, the Snom M65 is ideally suited to fast-paced professional telephony. The M65 has a large backlit 2” color display and a backlit...

Generic VoIP Phones - SNOM M70 IP DECT Handset Bluetooth Alarm Function Protective Cover HD Audio Quality LCD | Wholesale IT Computer Hadware
SNOM M70 IP DECT Handset, Bluetooth, Alarm Function, Protective Cover, HD Audio Quality, LCD Color Screen[00004423]

The Snom M70 DECT handset is the perfect office all-rounder for unlimited mobility in the workplace. The handset is not only extremely light and compact, it is also particularly robust thanks to its high quality and the outer protective cover. This...

Generic VoIP Phones - SNOM D862 High Speed USB-A Connection 8 Programmable Function Keys Security (TLS  SRTP) | Wholesale IT Computer Hadware
SNOM D862, High Speed USB-A Connection, 8 Programmable Function Keys, Security (TLS SRTP), HD Audio Quality[00004535]

The D862 is a beautifully designed entry-level device in the Snom D8xx series. Its clear design makes it ideal for any desk. Equipped with a beautiful, 40° continuously adjustable LC display of 5” size, it offers a very good overview, ...

1 to 30 (of 44 products)
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