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Insentra Symantec Ad-Hoc Services[INS-PSTM]

Insentra Overview Professional Services for remediation and ad hoc work for all Symantec Software Products. May also be used for assistance with POC

Insentra Enterprise Vault Health Check[INS-EVHC]

Insentra Overview EV Health Check is designed to provide companies with the comfort that their archive environment is working as it should and in acco

Insentra EndPoint Protection Health Check[INS-SEPHC]

Insentra Overview SEP Health Check assesses that your end point security is in accordance with Symantec best practices and is configured in the most a

Insentra NetBackup Health Check[INS-NBUHC]

Insentra Overview NBU Health Check analyses the state and capacity of your NetBackup environment. Consists of data collection and operational recommendations to provide confidence in the data restoration

Insentra Altiris Service Desk Health Check[INS-SDHC]

Insentra Overview ServiceDesk Health Check covers the infrastructure and related configuration for Incident, Problem, Change & Release management and alignment with the ITIL processes with recommended changes report

Insentra BackUp Exec Health Check[INS-BUEHC]

Insentra Overview BUE Health Check analyses the state and capacity of your Backup Exec environment. Consists of data collection and operational recomm

Insentra Altiris CMS, DS, AM Health Check[INS-EPMHC]

Insentra Overview Altiris Health Check covers the core Altiris components including CMS, Deployment Server and Asset Management comparing with Symante

1 to 7 (of 7 products)
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